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I would recommend 360 Panorama App to any aspiring photographers out there. With the use of the 360 Panorama App you can take 360 degrees photos of an area and then view them in one long wide format. Ever wish your camera capture view was wider? Well with this App you can just take two or more photos of what you want in a wide photo and it automatically overlays it right before your eyes. This app allows you to take great landscape photos with your iPhone, or 360 degree shots of an area. You can save, email and upload your 360 degree pictures to Twitter.

This App is amusing and does have some usability for someone who likes to take landscape pictures. However I would like to see the price drop to $0.99. I think that price would suit the sophistication and complexity of the App.

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Price: $1.99

Version: 3.1
Category: Photography

App Store Description:

360 Panorama ― Realtime panorama creation.
Capturing panoramas has never been easier! Just tap the screen and pan your phone camera in any direction. You’ll see your panorama being built in realtime as every incoming frame is processed. When you’re done, you can save and share your panorama instantly with no need to fumble around with a clumsy stitching process. There’s nothing else like it!

► SHARE IN 360: Want to share interactive 360 Views? Tap Upload! Upload will give you a simple link to share with anyone however you like. Uploading requires a free Twitter login, but you don’t have to post to Twitter if you don’t want to (simply tap ‘Cancel’ on the Tweet screen). [ More login options coming soon. ]

✓ Create 360 degree panoramas in under 20 seconds
✓ Instantly share interactive 360 views directly from your iPhone or iPod–for the first time ever!
✓ Share your panorama in seconds with the Upload feature
✓ Email lets you send panoramas to anyone as flat images with no special viewer required. You can also send in a special 360 View format that can be opened with 360 Panorama (good for sending to your other iOS device).
✓ Dynamically adjusts to scene light levels for crisp panoramas even at night!
✓ Save panoramas directly to the camera roll
✓ By popular demand: Reopen panoramas in-app!
✓ Full high-resolution interface for Retina displays

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