Here is Quick Overview of HotMacApps:-

-65,000 + unique visitors per month
-Tech savy audience of early adopters of apps

-People are becoming more savvy when it comes to picking and choosing apps to download on their device so they use the search engines to look up reviews of apps, before downloading. Our apps typically rank well on Google for your app name and app name+review, for example if you search on Google for “favado app for iphone” our review appears on page 2.

-Our Youtube videos appear high in search results which drives views and downloads,for example if you search for “myVegas Slots app review” on your IOS device on Google, our youtube video appears on the first page in the video slideshow. Additionally, search on Google video search or Youtube for “myVegas Slots app review” and we appear on the top 5 on the first page:
– Our youtube channel where we do video reviews with over 400 subscribers and 55,000+
Youtube views :
-Active social media community at :   and
-Our Facebook page has over 3100 likes.
– Our Twitter page has 5,500+ followers.
– Our most popular post on Facebook was our Fluffy creatures review that had over 11,000

views and 202 likes.

If your like me, your probably more interested in what the exposure on and social channels does for app downloads and revenue, as return on investment is what matters the most.

So below is a screenshot of a normal 14 day period after an app goes live with a written and video app review with social promotion:

App 14 day period







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