Beauty Check

Beauty check

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Beauty Check is a simple entertainment application for your apple device. All you have to do is take a picture or retrieve one from your camera roll of a persons face. Then you just follow the in app instructions and place the indicators on the correct locations, then it simply calculates a number on a scale, this is the beauty rating for that person. Once you have received a rating, you can share it via Facebook, twitter or email. You can also compare the rating other people in your archive.

Beauty Check is a really simple application to use, everything is explained and clear. It also comes with loads of celebrities in the archive section with a rating already, so you can view and also compare to them. However I really have a hard time believing in this app, even though its an entertainment application, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, not plotting some indicators on an image and calculating a number. Overall a simple and easy to use application which can be used to have a laugh with a few friends, but is it really worth the $0.99, ill let you be the judge.

Platform: iPhone/iPod/iPad
Price: $0.99

Version: 1.0
Category: Entertainment

App Store Description:

★ INTRO PRICE: US$ 0.99 instead of US$ 2.99 ★ 0.79 € instead of 2.39 € ★

How do your looks stack up?

Dr. Deanfield’s Beauty Check measures the mathematical beauty of a face. Rate the photos of family, friends and co-workers – and then share the results via E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter!

This is the only App capable of scientifically calculating the beauty of a human face. Important factors for determining facial attractiveness include the distance between the eyes, mouth, hair line, chin and ears according to a complex psychological study carried out by the University of Toronto.

★ Check out the trailer to see the app in action: ★

• Use the built-in camera, load photos from your Camera Roll or even Facebook

• Publish the results via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail

• Compare your results with those of celebrities!

• Easy to use – just install and go!

• Hybrid App with an integrated, high-resolution version for iPad and retina display!

Note: The angle of a photo as well as accurate placement of measurement points are decisive factors in the result. Only frontal photos with ears and forehead showing can deliver accurate results.