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Back in Black

HotMacApps Review:

Budget with Back in Black is a great new finance tracker for monitoring your monthly budget while on the go. You can take into account every little detail about your monthly income and spending habits. You can set fixed expenses, goals, reminders and even back up all your reporting. Back in Black makes it easy to see where you need to cut down and even has preset categories so you can quickly and easily enter in a purchased item right there and then before you forget.

Back in Black has a very easy to use interface with loads of pre-created categories for spending, goals and expenses which make it that much easier and quicker to enter in data on the go. Also with the options to create more categories, you can really go into some detail with your monthly income and costs. However there is no way that Back in Black can actually be linked to your bank accounts, this means its only as accurate as the data you put in. Also unlike many other finance applications there is no passcode lock option that I could see. However the graphics and layout are great, its easy to see where you are in the “black or the red” at anytime. But is it really worth $2.99 when there are plenty of others out there for just a dollar? I have to say its ease of use tops any other finance apps that I have used before.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod
  • Price: $2.99
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Category: Finance
  • Size: 9.9 MB
  • Developer: Fission Media Group Inc.

App Store Description:

#1 Finance app in Canada! #65 overall! Top 5 finance app in the USA, Australia and the UK!
FULL-FEATURED! Figure out your budget, set your goals then track your expenses. Your budget automatically rolls over every month!

♥ “the approach is remarkably well thought out and easy to use” – Appstorm.net
♥ “a real gem of a finance tracker!” – Five Star review at Appdictions.com
♥ “four out of five rating for it’s fantastic looks and rock-solid functionality” – theiPhoneAppReview.com
♥ “Back in Black does it all, and it does it damn well.” – BeautifulPixels.com
♥ “If you are in need of an app to help you manage a budget and actually keep on track with it, then look no further.” – appadvice.com

✔ Budgeting based on the ‘envelope method’
✔ As simple or as in-depth as you want
✔ Set reminders and track your payments
✔ Set financial goals and track your progress
✔ Supports local currency symbols and conventions

Back in Black will help you understand and take control of your personal finances, one month at a time. It boils your finances down to the essentials: how much money you earn and spend every month, and where your money is going, to get you Back in the Black!

★ Visit BackinBlack.mobi for full FEATURE list ★

▸ Enter by frequency, organize and track

Fixed Expenses
▸ Create, add notes and organize by categories
▸ Select from 140 icons for categories
▸ Enter expenses by frequency
▸ Set reminders for payments
▸ View totals per category and overall

▸ Select from preset goals or create your own
▸ Add a snapshot of your goal from your camera or library

▸ Set your goals by goal date, total amount, and monthly installment that works for you
▸ Open-ended saving lets you decide how much you want to save each month
▸ Set reminders to when installments are due
▸ Adjust at any time and your payments will automatically recalculate

▸ Create, organize and set spending limits by categories•Select from a preset list of spending categories or create your own
▸ Select from 140 icons for categories
▸ Quickly and easily enter new purchases and add notes or adjust date
▸ View totals per category and total spent/total remaining

Monthly History
▸ Quick view of budget balance for past months
▸ Review budget details from previous months and adjust

▸ Set reminders for Fixed Expenses or Goal due dates
▸ Reminders lets you view reminders and keep track of payments

▸ Backup your entire budget in one tap and easily restore
▸ Email the backup file to yourself for safekeeping
▸ Keep multiple versions of your budget

☎ SUPPORT: getsatisfaction.com/fissionmedia

NOTICE: Goal Deletion Bug
It has come to our attention that the update recently published to the store has failed to resolve the goal deletion bug. Unfortunately, the bug only appears in the the version that Apple releases into the store so it did not show up in our testing. We’re frantically trying to figure out what the problem is and will be submitting an update as soon as possible!

☺ The good news is that we have a workaround for you: first delete the custom image from your goal and save the goal. Once the goal has no image you should be able to delete it successfully. Here are the steps in detail:

1. Go to the goal screen and tap ‘Edit’
2. Tap on the image thumbnail
3. Tap ‘Remove Photo’
4. Tap ‘Save’
5. Tap ‘Edit’ again on the goals screen
6. Deleting the goal should now work

Sorry everyone!! We’re doing our best to fix this!!