HotMacApps Review:

Are you always looking for new and upcoming artists before they hit the big music channels or do you just fancy some change from your iPods playlists? Well have no fear because Hitlantis is here! Hitlantis is a unique and unusual way to discover new music. The whole App is based around a screen filled with bubbles. Each bubble represents an artist, and the bigger the bubble, well the more

iMusician PJS : Chords & Voice


HotMacApps Review:

iMusician PJS is aimed to be a fast and easy music production tool. You can select from two main instruments, a guitar or a piano. You create your song in a timeline window, you have to select each chord and note from a selection window and place them in the order and timeframe that you want. Once you have your melody down, it is very easy to add lyrics. Just click the record button and start

Soundtrckr Radio


Hot Mac Apps Review:

Soundtrckr Radio is basically what the name implies, its not only a radio with over 10million songs, but it is also a way to keep track of whats playing around you, by location or by seeing what your friends are listening to. You can log into Facebook and twitter in order to share music with your friends and to see what they are listening to. Not only can you listen to radio stations, you can



Hot Mac Apps Review:

Do all these modern plastic stereos with hundreds of buttons and flashing lights just confuse you? Miss the feeling of having your own tape collection? Well now with Stereolizer you can once again have a classic 80s stereo on your iPad for only $1.99. With Stereolizer you have 3 preset buttons with up to 10 stations in each, so a total of 30 preset stations! With Stereolizer

Electro Beats

electrobeats 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Electro Beats has to be the most advanced and one of the best laid out loop making software available for your iPhone or iPod. With this app you can do all sorts of adjustments from volume, pan, mix, frequency, gain and more. You can even load David Guetta’s songs and see how the beats are created with all the instruments and timing. You can also modify this however you like and save it.