Earth Flags HD

earth flags hd 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Earth Flags HD is a unique geography education tool. It uses the google maps layout with the standard, satellite and hybrid map views. What makes this app different though is all the data it carries about each country. It stores information like flags, capital cities, population, size, continent, currency, language, calling code, internet TLD and even the national anthem. All this from one map app.

Ninja Chicken 2: Shoot’em Up HD

Ninja chicken 2 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Ninja Chicken 2 is a game much like Plants vs Zombies. Its a sort of strategy/action game where you earn points and save up to buy power ups and add ons. This game is currently free for a limited time. The aim of the game is to fend off your base from the pigs. After each wave of pigs you will see new types of pigs. Some having higher resistance than others against your cannon.

Plants vs Zombies HD


Hot Mac Apps Review:

Plants vs Zombies is a game that I found on my Mac about 7 months ago. When I first downloaded it I was obsessed with it and played it non stop for about 3 days. Only recently with the iPhone, iPad and now Mac app store release, has this game really taken off. This game had great development from the start. Since I downloaded it originally there hasn’t been any changes in the game that I can see. Nor is there any need for any changes in this game.

Fruit Ninja HD


Hot Mac Apps Review:

Fruit Ninja has become a very popular game for iPhone and iPod. When it first moved over to the iPad the gameplay was very glitchy. This made it harder to play and almost impossible to get a high score. Now with this new update not only does this get fixed so it is less glitchy, it also finally gets the integration of Game Center. This means you can now have multiplayer online on the iPad version like you can on the iPhone. This feature was not on the iPad previously, which I thought was a major let down. The game is now much smoother than before and much more satisfying.