Pinball HD


Hot Mac Apps Review:

Pinball HD is by far the best pinball game for your Mac. It has amazing graphics for a pinball game. With three different tables, each with a different theme, there is not much more you could ask from a pinball machine. Pinball HD has precise and realistic in play physics, making the feel of the game 100% real. Also with a satisfying table nudge feature to help you keep that ball in play. If you ever used to play pinball in an arcade back in the day then this is a great replacement, available right on you Mac.



Hot Mac Apps Review:

RapidWeaver has a lot to live up to with the way it describes its self. Its basically presented as a middle man to DreamWeaver and iWeb. However RapidWeaver is no better than iWeb as I see it. Also its not a cheap App to buy, $39.99 is a high price for a program that is competing with iWeb. Much like iWeb, RapidWeaver makes you use templates for all your pages. This is the same as iWeb, but you have a lot more freedom in iWeb believe it or not. As very little can be changed in RapidWeaver templates. Also the support and plugins for RapidWeaver aimed at taking more money off you. All theses need to be purchased!!

iSale Express

isale express

Hot Mac Apps Review:

iSale express is a quick and easy way to publish eBay listings with a pre-made templates. This is ideal if you sell multiple items on eBay. These templates give a higher quality look to your eBay auction, which could just help the final selling price for an item. It has an easy to use and smooth user interface that anyone could understand. Also the price of $9.99 suits the small business owner or online wholesaler. iSale Express also makes it extremely easy to see whats going on with all your items that are for sale. It tells you which are about to end, page views, current auction price etc, all this without going to a browser and logging on to eBay, all this can be seen within the iSale application.

Angry Birds

angry birds 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Angry Birds has taken the app store by storm. Originally on iPhone and iPad, now on multiple platforms, this has to be one of the most successful if not the most successful game launched since the release of the App store. Its always rated in the top five. Now it has moved on to the mac platform and well, its just what you would expect. Its just the same as the iPhone version you have played before. However it uses the multifunction trackpad on the newer macs which can make for interesting game experience. However it just doesn’t seem to flow as it does on an iPhone or iPad. There is no longer a direct connection between you and the game. Using your fingers to control it right on the display I believe is part of what made the game so great! Now it can just be a bit irritating at times,