Coach Guitar App Review

Anyone who has tried to learn to play a guitar knows that it’s not nearly as easy as it sometimes appears. Neil Young may use just four chords in some of his songs, but there’ s a lot of timing and technique built around them.

A new app called CoachGuitar is designed to help both beginners and advanced pickers learn the basics or add some new licks. To do that, the app uses video clips and an animated fretboard to teach chord structures and rhythm patterns without the usual music theory or tablature.

In some ways, CoachGuitar reminds me of video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Those systems used colored buttons on plastic guitar fretboards to correspond to color patterns displayed on the on the screen. If I could press the right button at the right time, I could sound like Eric Clapton without breaking a sweat.

CoachGuitar applies the color coding idea to the real world guitar lessons. By assigning colors to your fingers and to positions on the fretboard, you can learn which fingers go where much faster than just looking at chord diagrams.

The other element of the CoachGuitar training technique is a series of video close-ups presented in in small bites that walk you through the segments of a song’s chorus and verse. You see exactly where a real player puts his fingers and you can keep hitting the replay button until you get it right.

That sort of personal instruction always worked best for me. Any time a guitar-playing friend would take the time to walk me through each step of a song, I came away with a better grasp of the process than what I could learn on my own.

CoachGuitar applies this approach to a library of hundreds of familiar songs covering different eras and genres. It has folk songs from Bob Dylan and James Taylor; metal masters from AC/DC and Guns N Roses; pop hits from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran; and collections of Country, Reggae, Blues and Funk.

The app starts with a free version that will give you a taste of how the teaching system works. But to learn full songs and get access to all of the songs, you’ll need to purchase the permium version.

Yopu can download the app in the iTunes App Store ( for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store ( for Androids.


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4K Video Downloader Mac App Review

My in-flight entertainment usually involves movies or TV shows downloaded from iTunes. But then I thought, why not get more value out of that time and watch some programs with a little more educational value?

YouTube is loaded with videos that I have wanted to watch including TED Talks, speeches, business lectures and how-to demonstrations. But streaming those videos would require an Internet connection and my flight didn’t offer that amenity.

The solution was a program called 4K Video Downloader ( It’s a handy utility that lets you capture and download video clips from online streaming sources on the web. As the name indicates, it will download the super-resolution 4K content that is starting to appear online, but it will also handle video in other formats and resolution levels.

I downloaded the app from the 4K Video Downloader website and installed it on my Mac. When launched, the program puts a small window on your desktop to manage the downloads and it requires no technical knowledge to operate. All you have to know is how to copy the URL of of the video you want to capture from the location window in your browser.

For my first download, I selected a video that I’ve wanted to watch for, oh, maybe 10 years. It’s the commencement address that Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005. When I found the video on YouTube, I highlighted the URL, which put the address in my Mac clipboard, then clicked the “Paste Link” button at the top of the 4K Video Downloader window.

The next step is to choose the the format you want for the downloaded version — MP4, M4K, MKV, among others – and the level of resolution. You can stick with the original quality or choose a reduced level if you want to reduce the file size to save space. Other options let you includes subtitles, if they’re available, and designate where you want the file to land. By default, downloads are stored in the same folder where the app resides.

Next, I clicked the “Download” button and the process began. the the copying starts. In this case, a video of 111 megabytes with a 22-minute running time took a little under one minute to download. I launched the new file in QuickTime and, to my eyes, it looked exactly like the streamed version. The new MP4 file can be loaded into iTunes where you can access it from Apple TV or copy it to an iPhone or iPad.

While I only tested the program with a single YouTube video, the 4K Video Downloader website says it will also work with other online video sources such as Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr and Facebook. The app is free but users can purchase an upgrade version that lets you download everything that’s tagged to a playlist or published on a channel.

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You can download the app at the below website url:


Vuemix Video Browser


Vuemix is a great free app to view several videos all at the same time. We have used it on iphone and ipad to view movie trailers then choose which one you want to watch more of. Vuemix is easy to use and it has some really cool features. The videos stream well with no problems thanks to how the app uses the latest Cloud computing technology to show up to 9 videos at once.

Yes, all the major search engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the web for videos but Vuemix is superior because it crawls the web and quickly indexes new content, searching for the videos and then categorises them. It’s really quite complicated how it happens!

Vuemix searches are done the same way that you would do a text search; you browse through the search results and choose the videos you want to watch.

One of the things we liked best about Vuemix in our office was that you can share your own video ‘mix’ with your Facebook friends. We had quite a competition going on as to who could create the best ‘mix’.

Try Vuemix for yourself, you will be surprised how often you use it.


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Monster of Puppets

Monster of Puppets

HotMacApps Review:

Monster of Puppets is a Fruit Ninja inspired game. Where specific objects and character “Puppets” get thrown across your screen and you have to “take care” of them. This can be done by swiping your finger or tapping them depending on what weapons you have unlocked. There are loads of levels with different locations for you to complete. There is also two game modes, story and survival, where story allows you to unlock levels and play based on time, survival lets you keep playing until it is just to much and you make a mistake so its game over.

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HotMacApps Review:

Nowadays everyone has multiple accounts online, whether its for your social networks, online payments or website subscriptions. Now its always best to use different passwords for different accounts, however keeping track of all your details, login name and password can be very difficult. Well now there is a secure way to keep all that information with you at all times with oneSafe. A virtual safe on your iOS device where you can store all kinds of important data from online account login details to your credit card and id details. Not only can you set a range of security measures, such as double passwords for extra sensitive data, self destruct and also break in reports, but it incredibly easy to use.

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