The River Tests Pro


Welcome to The River Tests Puzzles Collection – Ultimate Brain Teaser for you and your family!


The River Tests is the collection of River Crossing puzzles for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPAD. It is believed that only 10% of the people on the planet can solve all tests.

Each level is a separate test that will take your logical thinking to its limits. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Do you think you’re one of the 10% who can figure these riddles out? Give it a try, and test your skills to see if you’re the smart one.





CrazyTalk7 is a great facial animation application. It allows you to take images of people, creatures, objects and make them talk. Not just with a voice over, but actual movements and muscle reflexes. Also the best part is how easy it is to get going, you can select a few sample characters and then add your own voice overs either by typing your text or just speaking it, then the software automatically adjusts the animation to go with its new script.

PhotoFun – Be There or Be Square


PhotoFphoto fun iconun is a free photography application for your iPhone or iPod. It allows you to take a picture within specific shape cut outs. You can choose your cut-out, then either take a picture or select an existing one from your camera roll. Once you have the picture positioned in the cut-out, you have a changes to move the image around and resize it, to make it fit as you wish. Finally you can save the image to your camera roll or share it on Facebook, twitter or via email.

Gravity Void

Gravity Void

HotMacApps Review:

Gravity Void is a new puzzle style game available for your iPhone and iPad. Its a Tetris like game, however instead of fitting specific shapes into place you just have to worry about the color and direction. You have a center point, being a black hole, then all the color circles being astroids come at you and stick. The idea is to connect three of the same color to make them disappear, you can rotate your center point to try and make this happen.

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There are two games mode, puzzle and survival. Puzzle mode has 48 different levels and you complete them individually, However survival lets you continue to play for as long as you can, letting you know what level and score you reached at the end. Both game modes have the same concept and once you are outside your circle with a pileup, its game over. Gravity Void is quite a fun game to play, however an online leaderboard would make it that little bit better, allowing you to compare your scores online. But overall its a game that works well.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Price: $0.99
  • Version: 1.1
  • Category: Games
  • Size: 47.3 MB
  • Developer: Chris Sanchez

App Store Description:

★★★★★ “Outstanding!!!!!!!
Definitely has my vote for best game of the year!”

★★★★★ “I love this game!
It is fun, creates dexterity and it is non violent. The sounds are even soothing. Playing it for me is unlike playing other games, it is a mix of being competitive and meditation. Like some sort of enlightenment training. Gaming akido!”

★★★★★ “Like a good bag of chips you don’t want to put down!
This is one of those games that can be your enemy if you have lots of things need to be done. Addiction factor is high.”
~Smurf Herder

★★★★★ “Calming Zen
Don’t know the rules, don’t understand how I get ‘points,’ and I just don’t care! Fell in love even before I finally turned on sound for transcendent mood music/effects… Really appeals to both my artistic side, AND the O.C. side that needs to analyze/organize, yet totally fun. Plus you can stop/pick back up at any time, so you don’t need to have a lot of time to play. Get it!”

★★★★★ Love this game!
“I love this game, not the same old boring match three game. You have to catch these little guys and sometimes they drift off and you have to catch them on the rebound, sometimes lots come at you at the same time! Sooooo much fun! Thanks guys for making match three fun again!”

★★★★★ Labor of Love
I designed this game with meditation in mind. Playing this game is an act similar to juggling. You have many objects up in the air, and you need to focus so as not to slip and drop anything. Gravity Void uses a physics engine that has gravity in the middle of the screen, instead of straight down, so it’s not what you’re used to. Difficulty is adjustable; you can challenge yourself if you like, or go slow and steady. Either way, it’ll both relax and excite you at the same time.

~Christopher Jude Sanchez

* 48 puzzles to solve
* Survival Mode
* Beautiful HD graphics
* Retina Display for the new iPad
* Soothing zen-like sound effects
* Leaderboards
* Bonuses for skilled matches
* Game saves upon exiting

* Universal App, designed for iPhone & iPad
* Easy to navigate interface
* Physics-based gameplay around a central gravity field

DK Quiz

DK quiz

HotMacApps Review:

DK Quiz is a free challenging quiz based game for your iOS devices. There are multiple different categories to choose from for example, around the world, food, history and many more. Then inside of each category there are narrower sections which ask questions about specific locations or types of foods etc. Once you select your desired category, you then have to answer 20 questions while being timed. You also get three help options per game, which costs you your precious gold coins. You have the option to auto choose the correct answer, make it a 50:50 option and also to freeze time to allow you to spend more time thinking about the answer.

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