Football App Review – The Exclusive iOS Barclays Premier League Digital Trading Card Game

Football Apps

What is the most popular sport on the planet? Golf? Absolutely no! Cycling? Not even near it. Anyway, football is ideal, as it has a huge number of followers worldwide, and in case you are a UK footballing follower, you’d understand that Barclays Premier League, is the most exciting game in modern world.

In every country over the world, people watch Premier League Matches, and this might be the reason behind the development of TOPPS KICK Video Game, a digital camera dealing card video game with regards to new iphone 4 and ipod itouch.

TOPPS KICK is enjoyable and challenging. The idea was born from the fact that gamers love games with a few levels of difficulty. This game doesn’t merely let you acquire your selected players, it’s also a casual football game. The particular trading cards you acquire is usually played within real-time. You possibly can go more deeply in the experience simply by going after rare trading cards, unlocking special honors such as daily money, analyze ones trivia expertise along with interacting about the conversation with a group of football card hobbyists.

KICK is an excellent investing credit card activity, and it truly is intended for football’s avid gamers. With new players added every week, you can collect more than hundred league stars which enables you enjoy the game the more. Apart from this, the actual software is usually great in addition to its platform and nice pictures.

This app is incredible, bringing closer to gamers the real fun football should give. The techniques of the app are something no one can resist, thus making football lovers to enjoy this game to the fullest. Without doubt this is one of our favorite apps here at HotMacApps, as we are a bunch of football fans. So we are giving this app five stars. You can see our video app review below, it goes over all the great features of the app so you can get a taster of what to expect.

You can download the app here:

Zoobe Cam – say it with character

zoobe cam

Zoobe Cam is an easy way to share your fun with friends and family: Take a photo, speak your comment, and a cute fully-animated character will deliver a video message for you.

Zoobe Cam is a brand new iOS messaging app that allows you to create, send and post 3D animated videos.
Zoobe Cam provides users with a new way to communicate with their friends.
The software lets the senders overlay a cute, cartoony avatar against a photographic backdrop and have them relay a short voice message.
There are a range of characters you can choose to dictate your message, and numerous emotions they can deliver it in to customize the tone appropriately.
Animations can be shared via SMS and email, and then posted on Facebook and YouTube.
Zoobe Cam is available in most of the countries and already featured in App Stores in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, France etc.



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Retrobot is a new adventure game, mixed with a comic book style story line. Its based in the future when robots are used in everyday tasks, you are a robot, which happens to look a lot like Wall-E, who is on a quest to find his master who was abducted. You and your monkey friend have to go through different stages, locations and waves of robots to find your master. However as a robot originally designed to play video games, the outside world is something new to you.

Apocalypse Knights

Apocalypse Knights

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Apocalypse Knights is heroic action packed game for your iOS devices. The goal is quite simple, survive the waves and see how many coins you can collect and how many levels you can achieve. Once you upgrade levels you will see that new equipment unlocks with more powerful weapons and attack combinations. You will also find that these new upgrades are put to good use, with different

Fotor – CameraBag


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Fotor CameraBag is a great new photography application for your iPhone or iPod touch. It takes full use of your camera and can turn regular photos in to great photos with ease. Now anyone familiar with photography will straight away notice the HDR feature which really enhances your photos. You get more colors and contrast which really make them pop. You also get