Coach Guitar App Review

Anyone who has tried to learn to play a guitar knows that it’s not nearly as easy as it sometimes appears. Neil Young may use just four chords in some of his songs, but there’ s a lot of timing and technique built around them.

A new app called CoachGuitar is designed to help both beginners and advanced pickers learn the basics or add some new licks. To do that, the app uses video clips and an animated fretboard to teach chord structures and rhythm patterns without the usual music theory or tablature.

In some ways, CoachGuitar reminds me of video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Those systems used colored buttons on plastic guitar fretboards to correspond to color patterns displayed on the on the screen. If I could press the right button at the right time, I could sound like Eric Clapton without breaking a sweat.

CoachGuitar applies the color coding idea to the real world guitar lessons. By assigning colors to your fingers and to positions on the fretboard, you can learn which fingers go where much faster than just looking at chord diagrams.

The other element of the CoachGuitar training technique is a series of video close-ups presented in in small bites that walk you through the segments of a song’s chorus and verse. You see exactly where a real player puts his fingers and you can keep hitting the replay button until you get it right.

That sort of personal instruction always worked best for me. Any time a guitar-playing friend would take the time to walk me through each step of a song, I came away with a better grasp of the process than what I could learn on my own.

CoachGuitar applies this approach to a library of hundreds of familiar songs covering different eras and genres. It has folk songs from Bob Dylan and James Taylor; metal masters from AC/DC and Guns N Roses; pop hits from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran; and collections of Country, Reggae, Blues and Funk.

The app starts with a free version that will give you a taste of how the teaching system works. But to learn full songs and get access to all of the songs, you’ll need to purchase the permium version.

Yopu can download the app in the iTunes App Store ( for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store ( for Androids.


Here is our Video App Review for the Coach Guitar App: