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Filter mania

HotMacApps Review:

Filter Mania is a free photo filter application for your iPhone and iPod. Filter Mania comes with 12 free professional filters with the option to purchase more with an in app purchase. Unlike some photo filter applications you can add more than one filter to a single image, giving you and endless amount of possibilities. Not only can you import and work on a picture you have already taken, but you can also take a picture from within the app. Once you have finished etiting your photo, you have a few options. You can save your photo, then take another, see messages from Filter Mania, edit your photo again or share directly to Instagram.

When you first open Filter Mania, you are taken right to a screen where you can either take your own photo or select a previous from your pictures library. To me it seems that the picture with the magnifying glass button and the X button do the exact same thing and take you to your pictures folder. Im not sure why two buttons are needed for this. But the rest of the user interface is easy to use and clean. Its really a self explanatory applications with a few little information icons icase you get lost. Overall Filter Mania has some stunning filters to add to your photos, however some photo editing capabilities would make the app a little more all rounded. But its still defiantly worth a download, especially seeing that its free.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod
  • Price: Free
  • Version: 1.5
  • Category: Photography
  • Size: 6.8 MB
  • Developer: Dropico

App Store Description:

Completely redesigned from the ground up, Filter Mania now provides you with the ultimate photo-filtering experience, allowing you to create visual masterpieces.

Filter Mania lets you spice up your photos and give your lasting memories that extra edge.

Why settle for 1 filter? Filter Mania lets you combine 2 or more filters, to create your own unique pieces of art! Get started right away. Filter Mania comes with 12 professional filters and dozens more available to download FREE via the app.

To celebrate the launch of Filter Mania 1.5, we’re offering Unlimited Pro filters download for just 0.99$ (limited time offer).

Filter Mania 1.5 Updates Include:
★ Fully revamped, stylish and intuitive UI.
★ New category “Collages” including 10 amazing new filters.
★ Instagram integration: Seamlessly share your filtered photo directly through Instagram and add even more filters.

★ Choose an image from either Camera Roll or Saved Photo.
★ Full Retina Display support.
★ New categories and PRO filters.
★ New messaging system: Find out as soon as we launch new filters, features or special offers.
★ Tons more you need to see…
Turning your Photos into true masterpieces is just one click away! Get Filter Mania FREE.
We’ll be releasing FREE & PRO Filters weekly so check the app regularly.

Quick Tips:
* Press +Filter to add new filter layer, undo to go back, and original to go back to the original image.
* Press “add more” to go to the filter catalog, browse the categories and press “download” to download a filter.
* Hold your finger down on a filter to delete it.

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