FoxTube HD


HotMacApps Review:

FoxTube HD is a YouTube client for your iPad. It has all the same content that is visible on YouTube, however it has many more features and a difference in the interface. Basically just like YouTube, you type in the search bar what sort of video you would like to see then the results show, then you simply click on one and it caches for a few seconds then starts to play. Once you have played it, its stored on your iPad. You can then go bak and play it again instantly without an internet connection. Also on the actual video, where its playing back, you have a speed adjustment option along with A-B repeat and many more features which you just don’t find in the official Youtube application.

This app really needs a home screen that shows the most popular videos or most relevant videos to your searches so when you launch it each time there is new content that you might not of seen otherwise. Also unlike YouTube, there is no logging in or online accounts, so saving movies to favorites wont work on different devices or YouTube portals. Also there is a steep price of $4.99, now this application is great to use, it has more features then the YouTube app, but it also lacks in some areas. For me personally I couldn’t justify the $4.99 price to view the same videos that I can for free on an application that came preinstalled on my iPad.

  • Platform: iPad
  • Price: $4.99
  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Music
  • Size: 1.8 MB
  • Developer: Chun-Koo Park

App Store Description:

Play YouTube video anywhere without buffering.
Make playlists and enjoy it on the go or from a TV.

FoxTube HD features:
* Easy search (auto-completion, search history)
* Manage playlists (rename, merge, move, copy, delete)
* Supports background play (multitasking)
* Supports remote controls
* Display media info in lock screen(iOS5 only)
* Pre-cache videos before playing (pre-cache algorithm can be selected independently for 3G/WiFi)
* supports YouTube HQ videos

Video player features:
* Play speed: Play at 0.5X speed to 2.0X speed.
* TV-out support for iPad2
* AirPlay & AirPlay mirroring(on iPad2)
* Pan gestures in list view to switch between views
* Customizable gestures in player
* supports multi-stroke gestures (you can assign lots of functions with just one finger)
* A-B repeat
* Bookmarks within video
* Scene brower: find moment in video by thumbnails.
* previous frame / next frame
* extreme slow motion play without audio (1FPS – 0.5X).
* repeat mode: repeat all/one/none

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