HotMacApps Review:

iRobbery is a simple maze game, where you have to drag the bags of money from the vault to the exit to make a clean get away. However it snot that easy, there are laser sensors which are constantly scanning the area, you have to time it just right and make a run for it before its to late. Not only do you have to dodge alarms, but you also have to do it in an incredibly tight time limit.

Now the controls are quite simple, select a bag of loot and drag it with your finger. However in practice its a little harder then you might think, while you drag the bag around, you block part of your view, making it hard to see where all the alarms are. There is a total of 8 free levels with the option to purchase more within the app, there is also an online leaderboard and simple instruction page. It is a free download with ads at the top of the game play, however it could do with a little more refining on the actual gameplay its self. Overall it has good graphics and theme, but it needs a little work to make it an addictive game.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod
  • Price: Free
  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Size: 17.4 MB
  • Developer: AS Mobile Applications GmbH

App Store Description:

Help Marvin the bank robber relieve banks of their extra cash in this lightning quick arcade romp! Download iRobbery, flex your focus and hand-eye coordination muscles, dodge spinning alarms, and make a quick getaway before the cops show up today!

iRobbery is equal parts motion puzzle, thrill ride, and arcade blast!

Playing as Marvin the bank robber your goal is – well – pretty self explanatory. Move your stolen bags of money bags across levels, starting a vault door on one end of the game screen to the bank exit located on the other end.

Sound easy? Well, its not (surprise). There’s 2 things that turn this seemingly simple task into serious challenge:

1st Challenge- You only have 4 seconds to get from the vault to the bank door on every level. Hesitate too long while thinking about how to outsmart the alarms in your path and you’ll be in the company of a police squadron before you even make it out of the bank!

2nd Challenge – There’s quite a few strategically positioned spinning alarms between you and the bank exit. There’s only a few possible paths that let you cross safely, and even then the only way to get through is to time your sprint exactly right past each alarm!

Perfecting your timing and accurate direction is crucial on every level to say the least, but pulling off a bank robbery has never been more fun – especially when the only thing at risk of being stolen for good is your boredom!

iRobbery Features:

***20 uniquely challenging unlockable levels of arcade thievery!***

***Intuitive, lightning fast gameplay complete with responsive touch controls & smooth graphics***

***Level-by-level high score leaderboards***

***In-depth player tutorial to introduce new players to the game***

***Interactive online leaderboards via Game Center integration***