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iSchool sounds like an education application but its not really, its more of a utility or tool that you can use to help you with presentations and math conversions/problems. Starting with the English section, you have to read out a few lines while being timed, then the application knows how long it will take you to read any amount of text that you enter into the input field on the right, based on your previous reading speed for that set paragraph.

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Now the only real use for this we could see would be oral exams or presentations where you have a set time limit, you can quickly check your essay to see how long it will take to read out.

Now onto the maths section. There are two math sub headings, one for 3D objects and one for conversions. In the 3D object section you can calculate surface area and volume of pretty much any shape as long as you have the required measurements to input. In the conversion section you can convert pretty much anything you can think of, from speed, temperature, power, pressure, etc. This is always useful, not just for school math problems but in everyday circumstances. Once section its missing is a currency converter which would really make it an all around converter. Overall the iSchool name seems to be a bit misleading, but it certainly can help you out with a few key aspects of your school work.

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: $3.99
  • Version: 4.1
  • Category: Education
  • Size: 0.8 MB
  • Developer: Willi Lumley

App Store Description:

iSchool is a revolutionary new program and with it you can do many amazing things –

With iSchool you can record your voice, type in your speech and it will calculate how long it will take you to read it aloud, judging off the tempo of when you recorded your voice. This is accurate to an average of 0.2 seconds!

With “3D Calculations” you can put data in for a range of 3D shapes and iSchool will calculate the volume or surface area for you! You can also have your input measurements and your output measurements different as iSchool will convert your measurements accordingly. iSchool can also scale up your shape and make a model of it with your dimensions.

With “Conversions” you can convert numerous different types of measurements with a total combination of over 500 different possible combinations!

Within all these different categories of jobs iSchool can do, iSchool can do countless things within these jobs.
For example, you can start typing your speech in iSchool and if desired, iSchool can tell you when your speech will reach any certain amount of minutes length, or X amount of words.
Another example is iSchool placing your measurements, if desired, next to your chosen 3D model so you can get a grasp on where the height is, the apothem length, etc for the desired 3D shape.