My Virtual Boyfriend

my virtual boyfriend

HotMacApps Review:

My Virtual Boyfriends is a virtual reality entertainment app. There isn’t much to describe, the apps name does most of it for you. When you start up the app, it asks you to put your name and to describe a little about yourself, then it asks you do describe the type of boyfriend you would like. Using all these inputs, it creates a selection

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of virtual males that you can choose. Once you have selected you new “Virtual Boyfriend” there are different things you can do. There are four categories, actions, activities, interact and speak. You also have a love meter and a money balance in the top right corner. With the increase of each level, there are new actions and activities that you can do. But be careful, choose the wrong activity or make a wrong move and your relationship can take a turn for the worse.

The further you go through the love levels, the more heated things get. There is also a My Virtual Girlfriend for all guys out there. Personally this isnt the sort of game I would pick up and play, but I do have to say once you get started, there is a slight urge to keep playing to see what will be unlocked on the next level. My Virtual Boyfriend is a very specific game, with an easy to use interface and relatively good 3D graphics. It’s long campaign allows you to keep playing long after ten minutes and with the success of My Virtual Girlfriend, im sure this new female aimed version will be no different.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Price: $0.99
  • Version: 1.5
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Size: 72.5 MB
  • Developer: WET Productions Incorporated

App Store Description:

★★★★ Mentioned on Tech Crunch ★★★★ = 4.5/5 stars = 4/5 stars = 4/5 stars

★★★★★ LAUNCH SALE .99 ¢ !!! ★★★★★
My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulation game where you must flirt your way into the heart of a digital guy through various dialog and interactions.

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Ever been on a date with a geeky guy who obsessed with all things nerdy? How about a metrosexual who couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror? Did you hit the jackpot and find a Nice guy? or are you just a magnet for Bad boys? Well, Here is your chance to try them all, and more, with no real commitment and certainly no STD’s. From the creators of the Hit iPhone game “My Virtual Girlfriend“ comes the highly anticipated, most requested, and newest addition to the app store: “My virtual Boyfriend“.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulation game like no other. Rendered in full 3D and packed with humor, These comedic male stereotypes are some of the most interesting 3D characters, to ever grace an iOS device. It is the only date sim that can boast 100’s of men to choose from, fully customizable, and each with his own unique personality.

★ 20 levels of progressive game play
★ 100’s of men, Each with his own expressive personality and appearance
★ Customize his physical features and clothing
★ Interact with him via gestures, actions, activities and by touch
★ Over 100 actions and activities you can do together
★ Personalities that mirror typical and often funny, male behaviors
★ Thousands of lines of clever and funny dialog keep it entertaining
★ 3D graphics and camera control for 360 degrees of viewing
★ Earn achievements and rewards
★ Universal, Plays on iPhone, ipod touch and iPad

Official Trailer:

Well, what are you waiting for? Take one home today! (just don’t introduce him to dad)