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Toppin’Wiper is a new, free Fruit Ninja styled game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Its iPhone 5 compatible and uses Game Center for online leaderboards and achievements. You as a cleaner for a donut shop, have to clean off all donut stains from the side of the building. As anyone who does not like their donut simply throws it back. All you have to do is just swipe your finger past the stain for it to be removed, some stains take more than one swipe to clean. There are two game modes, action and timed.

DK Quiz

DK quiz

HotMacApps Review:

DK Quiz is a free challenging quiz based game for your iOS devices. There are multiple different categories to choose from for example, around the world, food, history and many more. Then inside of each category there are narrower sections which ask questions about specific locations or types of foods etc. Once you select your desired category, you then have to answer 20 questions while being timed. You also get three help options per game, which costs you your precious gold coins. You have the option to auto choose the correct answer, make it a 50:50 option and also to freeze time to allow you to spend more time thinking about the answer.

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Word Poker Live Free

Word Poker

HotMacApps Review:

Word Poker Live Free edition is a free download which includes full screen ads at the end of each game. Its a Texas Hold’em poker style game with the use of letters to create words. Every letter is assigned a number value and at the end of the round, you have to create a word with the letters remaining, then the point value for the word is calculated and which player has the highest number of points, wins. Not only can you jump right in and play, but you can also join tables and play with other users from around the world. There is also in room chat.

My First Greek Book Volume I

My First Greek

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My First Greek Book Volume 1 is an educational application for your iPad that helps beginners and children learn the basics of the Greek language. It shows you how to read and write, it also pronounces letters and words for you to hear how to say them correctly. It includes a total of 12 learning lessons along with other sections such as songs, “which include video”, flash cards, etc that all aid in the users learning.

Glooko Logbook


HotMacApps Review:

Glooko Logbook makes it easier to record and log your blood glucose readings, but linking your meter with your iPhone directly. Say goodbye to manually writing down your readings, instead have it stored on your iOS device in easy to read tables. Glooko works with 11 popular glucose meters, however you will be required to purchase one of the two types of Glooko Metersynce cables depending on your type of meter. You can also search food types to monitor all kind of stats such as number of calories, carbs, sugars, fats and much more.