Paper Glider

paper glider 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Here is another free app right off the app store charts. Now days most app developers have money in mind rather than the end product. They dream about logging onto their developer profile and seeing a million downloads. Same goes with the free apps. Now they mostly consist of “Lite” versions of full games or they are filled with advertisements with little game development. But then what do we really expect from a free app now? Well here is a simple game with some advertisement that

Plants vs Zombies HD


Hot Mac Apps Review:

Plants vs Zombies is a game that I found on my Mac about 7 months ago. When I first downloaded it I was obsessed with it and played it non stop for about 3 days. Only recently with the iPhone, iPad and now Mac app store release, has this game really taken off. This game had great development from the start. Since I downloaded it originally there hasn’t been any changes in the game that I can see. Nor is there any need for any changes in this game.

Electro Beats

electrobeats 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

Electro Beats has to be the most advanced and one of the best laid out loop making software available for your iPhone or iPod. With this app you can do all sorts of adjustments from volume, pan, mix, frequency, gain and more. You can even load David Guetta’s songs and see how the beats are created with all the instruments and timing. You can also modify this however you like and save it.

2XL Supercross

2XL Supercross 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

2XL Supercross is not a new game, it hit the app store over a year ago. However its still an amazing game, now with a HD version to really make those amazing graphic flourish on your retina display. Playing this game takes me back to the PS2. Its amazing to think that a game with the quality of the PS2 can now be on your iPhone or iPod. The graphics and physics of the game really are that good. The controls can take a little while to get use to,

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner 630

Hot Mac Apps Review:

From reading this app’s description in the iTunes store and seeing all the five star ratings for this app, I thought it had to be good. But I was soon disappointed. Once I downloaded it I did what anyone would, I went around my house finding common things with barcodes to see how well it worked. Turns out less than half of what I scanned actually came up with results. It couldn’t even find a Evain bottle of water or a can of Sprite! When I think of a barcode scanner I think of groceries and if it cant even find a bottle of water of a soft drink I don’t see much use for it. It was able to find most DVDs and console games online, but not many everyday items.