Popular Baby Names

Popular baby names

HotMacApps Review:

Popular Baby Names is really quite self explanatory. Its an app that helps you choose a name for your baby, but really it can be expanded for naming anything such as a family pet even. Now you might just think this will be a long list of names, but it is so much more than that. There are thousands of names stored within this application, and you can search through them in many different ways. You can search by popularity, gender, origin, meaning or just in alphabetic order. Once you see a name that stands out, you can click it to see more details such as current rank, its origin, meaning, gender and its top rank in time. You can also save it to your list of favorites to make it easy to find and to create a short list.

In the settings menu there is even space to put in your chosen names, with the option to put in a girl and boys name, incase you are waiting to find out the sex of the child. You can also email your favorite names to a friend or family member for second opinions at the touch of a button. You can even share you favorite names via Facebook and Twitter. This app is also universal with retina support which really makes the interface pleasant to use. If you are expecting or thinking of a name for your new puppy, this is a great app that will help you find the perfect name to match.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Price: $0.99
  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Reference
  • Size: 8.2 MB
  • Developer: Aesop LLC

App Store Description:

The new for 2010 baby name rankings plus all of the most popular baby names from the last 100 years. Easily explore the baby names to discover the perfect name for your new baby. Includes the origins and the meanings of names along with popularity trends.

Includes 2010 names results with Sophia the new #2 names for girls and Isabella the most popular girl name for the second year in a row. New for 2010 changes on the boys side includes Aiden entering the top 10 most popular names for the first time at #9.

Search the most popular American names or the most popular names from over ten different countries like Australia, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.

Perfect when trying to create a list of your favorite names and choose a name for your new baby.

App Features include:

• Origins of names

• Meanings of names
• Favorites list to organize names
• International names from over 10 different countries
• 2010 popularity trends and rankings
• Most popular names from each decade
• Search for names by letter and meaning
• Highest historical rankings for popular names
• Easily share favorite names over email, facebook, or twitter
• Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
• Retina display ready