HotMacApps Review:

Speak2Do is audio recorder/planner application for your iPhone or iPod touch. You record snippet voice overs and then save them into the correct category or folder. They can be anything from items you need to pick up from the grocery store to your daily diary entry. Voice recordings can also be saved as tasks, so things that you need to do along with a start and duration time alert. There are a number of skins to choose from along with extra folder icon bundles to download for every situation.

However these icon bundles and extra skins are not free, they have to be purchased inside of the application at $0.99 each. You can also add text memos and images to each voice recording. After you record a task, you can then email it to employees of friends to pass that information or task on. The app UI could also use some work, the layout is ok, but every available skin is quite dark. Overall its a nice free voice planner, however if you have Siri on your device, you might not have much use for it.

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod
  • Price: Free
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Size: 5.2 MB
  • Developer: A.Yosher Engineering

App Store Description:

Speak2Do – Organize, Group and Record your events

Speak2Do is a new one-touch audio recorder and mobile planning utility with streamlined interface. The app utilizes an intuitive layout together with enough functionality to help anyone coordinate important tasks, set personal reminders, and even keep personal deadlines with the aide of individual task-timers. Record your voice reminders and make up todo lists and you’ll never forget a thing. No typing is required!

Developed to aid users in planning out daily activities, Speak2Do provides busy users with a new revolutionary system of recording events so users don’t need to give a name to the task and don’t need anymore to look up what they recorded before. Simply put, the app gives anyone the power to organize and execute their daily activity regardless of where they are, right through their iDevices. Users can easily create new categories and make records for them just within 2 taps.

Speak2Do includes 6 Icons in the Free version but users can easily access multiple Icons Pack via in-app purchase whenever they want as well as multiple Skins to customize app’s interface. You can save your money using Deals option to purchase Icon Packs + Skins at a very good discounted price (instead of purchasing these features separately).

Once recorded new task, users simply select a category, input the specific nature and goals of each time block in their day, and go from there. Information including when each task should be started and its overall duration can be added to create user alerts and reminders with ease. In addition to this, tasks and full days can be planned in advance & users can attach photos and memos to their records as well.

The result of painstaking attention to detail and quality, Speak2Do version 2.0 features a highly practical user interface, expanded user customization options, and offers them a scalable approach to deciding how heavily they’d like to use the app as well in order to be able to fit every user’s needs.


– Minimum taps are required
– Sleek graphics and user-friendly interface
– Group your records according to context
– Send voice records via e-mail
– Undelete previously deleted recordings
– Full bluetooth (headset, handset, hands free) support
– Social network sharing: Facebook, Twitter, iCloud
– Additional Skins, Icons are available via in-app purchase
– Save money using Deals feature and get additional Icon packs + Skins

WARNING: WE DO NO NOT RECOMMEND TO USE THIS APP WHILE DRIVING. However, if law in your country allows you to use mobile devices like iPhone or iPod touch while driving, you could find the application very convenient for this purpose. But always keep in mind that you do that at your own risk.